Our growth is in anticipation of YOUR growth!

Founded in Houston Texas in 2001 with our corporate offices in Houston and the United Arab Emirates. Stallion Oil Tools developed into a fast growing provider of drilling equipment and cost effective solutions to the oil and gas industry. In doing such we have an excellent reputation for commitment and quality among our customers. We have strong industry relationships with oil and gas exploration companies, drilling contractors and oil field service firms that are active in most of the Middle East, North Africa and CIS Countries.


In the area of drilling technology Stallion Oil Tools has become a recognized leader in oilfield products.

This new powerhouse combination promises to deliver on ever wider array of highest quality components, services and technological expertise. We are driven to better facilitate the changing demands of the diverse and growing industry segments you serve. Stallion Oil Tools is your first choice of quality precision Equipment:

BOP Control systems
Fishing Tools
Full selection of Handling Tools
Rigs and power Packages
Lay down and pick up Machines

At Stallion Oil Tools , we incorporate Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) principles into everything we do. With an integrated QHSE Management System we ensure our company maintains consistent quality and safety practices across all of our operations, facilities and offices worldwide.
We are committed to ISO 9001 Quality Management System accreditation and principles throughout the group. We ensure that all our operations meet our own specific statutory legal, health, safety and environmental obligations as well.
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