Equipment Sale
Stallion Oil Tools provides oil and gas companies with a single supply source for the sale of quality oil field equipment. Our premium equipment is sourced either from established oil field manufacturers or from our expanding range of proprietary products. Our extensive inventory includes a variety of products used in the construction of the drill string as well as bottom‐hole assembly for drilling and down hole operations. Our product line is comparable with all contemporary size, design and metallurgical requirements. It is backed by first-class maintenance and workshop facilities to ensure a quick turn around from requisition right through to on site delivery. Every part and process of our inventory and service conforms to the highest industry standard, allowing us to provide the safest and most reliable solution available.
BOP Control systems
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Fishing Tools
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Full selection of Handling Tools
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Rigs and power Packages
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Lay down and pick up Machines
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Pressure Control Equipment
Drilling Rigs & Equipment
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